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Eastern Spray Services Overview

Eastern Spray Services are specialist providers of Wood and Metal sprayed products. Having a long history and knowledge of the industry they specialise in an array of applications including Composite Doors and Glazing Cassettes across wood grain finishes to any RAL colour reference

They also have a long history in high value joinery products to a high degree of finishes and superior quality.

Story of Note – Giller Pianos

Eastern Spray Services were contacted by Giller Pianos to assist with one of their most challenging piano restorations of our time, namely the world-famous Challen Grand Piano. Noted at the time, some 87 years ago, it was the world’s largest piano measuring 11ft 8in long and weighing one and a quarter tons (1,270kg). It was the second of two twins built to celebrate the 1935 Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary and the caseworks were both finished in opulent silver. The first piano was exhibited at the British Industries Fair and celebrated pianist Billy Mayerl played it before Queen Mary. This piano apparently did not survive, but luckily the second piano did and was exhibited later at the 1952 British Industries Fair with the continued report of “the largest piano in the world”. Once again, Billy Mayerl played the instrument and the fair was visited by members of the royal family including the late Queen Elizabeth II and major celebrities. The piano held its world record for several decades after the 1950s and into the early 1990s, regularly featuring in the Guinness Book of Records as the “Grandest grand piano” and on BBC television.

Similar to the first piano, this instrument was lost to sight, but luckily discovered and acquired by Giller Pianos in 2020 after 37 years abroad. The aim is to present the restored piano back in the public eye and of course the strong art-deco case style in silver finish is a highly important feature.

Movac were able to analyse the original colour and match it to what would have been its former shade and supply Eastern Spray Services with the paint that brought this most marvellous piano back to its former glory.

Movac’s technical consultants advised and recommended specialist wood coating in Acrylic which has achieved a remarkable finish, true to the nature of the original 1935 silver samples we had kept.

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