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24 HRS Steel.

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24 HRS Steel Overview

A leading provider in all aspects of Steel services, 24HRS Steel has been established for over 25 years offering a wide range of steel services to a diverse and demanding customer base. 

Services include, Steel Fabrication, Structural Design and Erection, Steel Staircase and Balustrades, Tempory Structures, as well as on-site Welding Services.

Many of their projects come with high and exact specifications working with architects and construction organisations to ensure that the final products meet today’s structural compliance and regulation standards.

We are proud of the relationship that the Movac Industrial team has built over the years, working closely with the executive and operational team, offering expert advice and always at a great price.

Movac’s Oropal products has met all the requirements that 24HRS Steel require, always ensuring the best quality product and always delivered in a timely manner for the job in hand

Customer Testimonial

Hi all, we would like to thank first of all Movac Sales Executive Dan Godfrey who always has been great with us, very patient, honest, quick replies, quick deliveries and with best prices! Couldn’t work with a better sales team than the people from MOVAC. All this comes together with Oropal high quality Red oxide primer and paints. Couldn’t ask for more, we are very happy to work with MOVAC.”

Camila Fiorin

Managing Director 


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